Prof. Bers teaches interdisciplinary courses focused on the design and use of learning technologies. These courses have a strong hands-on, project-based component. Prof Bers will be teaching the following courses in the Spring of 2023 at Boston College in the DevTech Lab (Carney Hall Room 306):

FORM 6150 Technological Tools for Playful Learning


This course explores the design and use of new technologies for learning and engages students in current debates around educational technologies, computational thinking, coding and robotics. Students will learn how to develop, implement, and evaluate technology-rich curriculum and will design their own computational meaningful projects. They will visit K-2 classrooms to implement technology-rich curricula, will learn how to use video to document their experiences and will become researchers to assess the thinking and learning fostered by the different tools. 


Students served: All Undergrads and MA students

Timing: Wednesdays 10:00-12:20 pm

Enrollment: Maximum 25 students


FORM 7250 Technologies of Literacy: from Gutenberg to Google


This course explores the role of alphabetical and computational literacy in society by exploring both natural languages and artificial ones, such as programming languages, for expressive and communicative purposes. Students will read materials from a variety of disciplines such as linguistics, philosophy of language, critical theories, developmental psychology, literacy education, computational linguistics, cognitive sciences and artificial intelligence and will be exposed to expert guest speakers. Students will work on a final project of their choice to be determined in consultation with the professor.

Students served: MA students and Doctoral students

Timing: Thursdays 2:00-4:20 pm

Enrollment: Maximum 25 students